Rain World


Release date: 2015
Genre: Action
Developer: Videocult
Language: English

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Rain World is a survivor platformer in which you star as the slightly-creepy-yet-totally-adorable nomadic “slugcat”. Living in an industrial wasteland ravaged by piercing rains, you and your family awaken from your annual hibernation just in time to collect enough food before the dry season ends. You’re not the only one looking to grab a bite, however. In Rain World, the slugcats are equal parts predator and prey.

The world of Rain World isn’t the only aspect that’s been improved. Your slugcat is more agile than ever before, able to backflip over lizards, roll and perform high jumps, and chain these new maneuvers together. These skills are your greatest strength, allowing you to deftly evade predators and scurry out of sight or provide some breathing room to nail a devastating spear throw. Jumping and climbing around is fun thanks to the fluid animations, and using your agility to avoid or fight predators makes each encounter a tense game of cat-and-mouse.

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