The Beginner’s Guide Walkthrough


In this article we publish a walkthrough for The Beginner’s Guide, but first a little information about the game itself.

Much like The Stanley Parable, The Beginner’s Guide is a linear first-person game shorn of conventional mechanics like combat or puzzles (besides a single, relatively easy one early on).
It also has a narrator commenting on your journey. That’s where the similarities end. This time out, the narrator isn’t an enthusiastic Englishman, but rather Wreden playing himself.

The Beginner’s Guide is a challenging game, but not for the reasons you might expect. It’s a personal and widely relatable story about feeling trapped by your endeavors, and your need to always improve upon those endeavors. It’s a game about being frustrated by interpersonal relationships, told through the difficult friendship of Coda and Wreden without explicitly defining where one ends and the other begins.

So, we present to your attention complete Beginner’s Guide walkthrough. This walkthrough is designed to help those players who are experiencing any difficulties in this game. Thanks to this video guide you can easily finish your playthrough. Below is the playlist, clicking on that you will start to watch right with the first part. Pleasant viewing!

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