Pathologic Classic HD Walkthrough


Release date: 29 October 2015
Genre: Horror
Developer: Ice-pick Lodge
Language: English

In this article we publish a walkthrough for Pathologic Classic HD, but first a little information about the game itself.

Welcome to Pathologic Classic HD, the ruthless psychological survival game where not only are we struggling to survive ourselves, but so is this town afflicted by a terrible plague. There are no jump scares, there are no place for morals, there is simply a bleak, despairing town that we must try and help out, or at the very least make sense of. The game represents a unique and unforgettable experience as it transports players in a weird town which crouches, ominous, in the far reaches of an ancient steppe.

So, we present to your attention complete Pathologic Classic HD walkthrough. This walkthrough is designed to help those players who are experiencing any difficulties in this game. Thanks to this video guide you can easily finish your playthrough. Below is the playlist, clicking on that you will start to watch right with the first part. Pleasant viewing!

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