Zombie Vikings


Release date: Winter 2015
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Zoink Games
Language: English

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There’s a lot to be said for the old-fashioned side-scrolling brawler. A reliable bastion of quick thrills and entertainment that has endured since the 1980s, these games have found both commercial and critical success with titles such as Golden Axe, Final Fight and Streets of Rage holding their place in gaming’s pantheon of classics. Developed by Stick it to the Man studio Zoink Games, Zombie Vikings follows in similar footsteps, channelling the pick up and play philosophy that sits at the core of those aforementioned genre pioneers while infusing it with the sort of deranged humour that is synonymous with the Swedish developer.

Zombie Vikings supports up to four players throughout its 25+ stage story that has the undead gang collecting Odin’s eye back from the trickster Loki. Each player has to select a different character, but all four of the initial characters are all fun to play as. Combat is on the simple side as you only use two buttons to attack. The square button will unleash a standard combo attack, while triangle will unleash your character’s special. Both of these can be charged in order to unleash an even more powerful attack.

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