Pathologic Classic HD

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Release date: Autumn 2015
Genre: Action, Horror, Survival
Developer: Ice-pick Lodge
Language: English

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Pathologic is a remarkable horror game from Russia that, when it released in 2005, stood out from its peers: intelligent, melancholy, metafictional, and dark, dark, dark, Pathologic won many game of the year awards in Russia, but saw a more mixed reception upon its English-language release: a marred, broken translation made the tenebrous story even harder to follow, and with the story compromised the game’s mechanical issues became more noticeable. This rerelease, called Pathologic Classic HD, will feature a brand new English translation, support for high resolution, and will even include some restored, never-before-seen in English content. Ice-Pick Lodge hopes that, by having both the upcoming, radically-enhanced/-changed remake, as well as a cleaned-up original, a complete representation of the Pathologic vision can be achieved.

The player’s journey in Pathologic begins in a dark town full of old tanneries and butcheries. A mysterious and highly infectious disease begins killing the town’s residents. Local authorities send out three agents to look into the outbreak, as well as a few volunteers. Players take on one of these roles and explore the town, uncovering its weirdness and inhabitants. Time is however against the player, who has only 12 days to defeat an invisible enemy that can’t be overcome by conventional means. And then comes the worst realization of all: there’s no way to save everybody.

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