Outpost 13


Release date: 27 October 2015
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Cantina Games and Entertainment
Language: English

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Outpost 13 is a point and click adventure game inspired by the likes of these movies. Although only a bit of the game has been shown so far, the concept is definitely enticing.

This is why you name a dog Fluffy or Fido or Spot. When you go and give it a name like Fenrir, after a mythological wolf monster, it gets taken over by an alien being and wants nothing more than to devour your flesh and bones. Bad dog! No treats for you today.

The kicker with Outpost 13 is that players control the dog/alien, in an attempt to gain the human crew members’ trust, separate them from one another, and systematically murder each of them. In the point-and-click adventure, stealth and planning play roles, because if Fenrir is found out as the monstrous menace that he is, it spells a quick trip to the barrel of a flamethrower or two.

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