Hard West


Release date: Autumn 2015
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Developer: CreativeForge Games
Language: English

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Hard West makes no bones about its inspiration. This is a top-down turn-based tactical game which offers gameplay challenges akin to Firaxis’ Earth invasion game XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Set in the Wild West, players guide a squad of gun-sllngers against gangs of desperadoes, taking care to make the best use of movement, cover, flanking position and line-of-fire. There’s also a strategic over-map which allows exploration of the world, story and accrual of skillcards, characters and an in-game currency of luck which is spent and replenished during gunfights.

Equipping guns/cards and upgrading your weapons takes place in a non-combat, story-heavy, choice-driven overworld. It’s a separate sort of game, where your dialogue and decisions opens or closes opportunities. In the specific example shown during my demo, poison I purchased in town could be used to poison the water well on the way to my mission area, reducing the base health of enemies at the start. Of course, I could hang onto this for later, use it for something else, and walk into the objective area to take everyone on at full HP.

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