Release date: 16 October 2015
Genre: Strategy, Indie
Developer: Jötunn Games
Language: English

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Ceres is the debut title of development studio Jötunn Games. It’s a complex, fast paced 3D space combat simulator and focuses on ship customization and fast, hectic combat. With RPG elements, trade and mining. Earth has been destroyed. Humans, machines and monsters fight over what’s left.Take control of a squadron of ships in full 3D space combat. Explore, battle and trade your way through a pirate, machine and monster-infested solar system.


  • Lead a squadron of ships and fight through a mission-driven storyline the way you see fit.
  • Third person view and simple yet deep point-and-click order system.
  • Manage your set of skills as you gain experience. Special perks also appear when you perform well.
  • Hire captains and crews for your squadron’s ships. Watch them gain experience as they fight by your side.
  • Heavily customize your ships with equipment or weapons of different origins. Modify ship’s modules, armour, weapons, sensors or countermeasures.
  • Dozens of ship types which can be acquired and commanded, from the smallest corvette to the mightiest battleship.
  • Loot anything that floats in space, trade items around the solar system to gain extra income, or salvage wrecked ships and even capture hostile vessels with boarding.

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