Release date: 20 October 2015
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Stellar Jockeys
Language: English

We are glad to see you on our gaming portal! Our site is dedicated to cheat codes and trainers, but we also have a lot of different games. Therefore, on this page you can download Brigador for PC. Also here you can look screenshots of this game, video and, of course, to read the detailed description.


Brigador is an isometric, fast-paced shooter that has players taking command of various mechs with two very simple goals: Destroy the orbital guns that protect the outer colony of Solo Nobre and then escape the city. When the game launches in Early Access this October, players will have access to 15 playable vehicles and 25 weapons with which they can rain destruction across the city and its defenders. Indie developer Stellar Jockeys plans to double the number of weapons and vehicles before Brigador exits Early Access. Players can also select pilots from any of the three warring factions, each one with unique advantages when it comes to facing down overwhelming odds. Each successful escape earns in-game currency that can be used to purchase new pilots, vehicles, and weapons.

Here are some key features behind the game:

  • The engine is built from scratch and is sprite based, not 3D
  • The game is currently single-player only
  • Real time combat, and projectiles move in 3-space so aiming is harder (can under/over shoot your target)
  • Designed for short, highly iterative session length; a full run shouldn’t take more than an hour
  • The game’s nine levels are prefabricated but enemy spawns and the factions you face are randomized. There is custom map support.
  • Completely destructible environments
  • Choose from mechs, tanks and antigrav vehicles to pilot
  • Wide range of weapons for different play styles

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