Corgi Warlock


Release date: 3 December 2015
Genre: Arcade, Adventure
Developer: Xander’s Corgi Arcade
Language: English

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Corgi Warlock is a 1-4 player side scrolling action game where one brave Corgi will take on the Skeleton Bunny King’s army! Against the power of Narwhals, Fencing Bears, and Crazed Unicorns, it takes more than your average Corgi to survive the King’s onslaught… it takes a CORGI WARLOCK.

The design mechanics are fairly rudimentary, with running, jumping and shooting being the basic focus of the gameplay, but the added project patterns from baddies, multiple enemy types with their own behavior and various bosses that will challenge your timing and reflexes, it’s safe to say that the game takes some very basic mechanical tenets and expands them to something that looks both fresh and fun.

The game features 90 different levels to explore, up to four-player cooperative play as well as four-player battle modes. 60 different enemies to encounter, fast-paced shoot-and-run action and some colorful and endearing characters out to stop the evil skeleton Bunny King all makes for an interesting looking side-scroller.

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