Conquest of Elysium 4


Release date: November 2015
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Illwinter Game Design
Language: English

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Conquest of Elysium 4 is a quick turn based fantasy strategy game with a touch of rogue-like. The game might appear simple at first, but it is full of depth, details and of course monsters.

The random map generation has been completely remade and produces much more varied and logical maps. There will now be large continuous deserts or forests, or maybe a long mountain stretch. This makes the map both more natural and more fun to play on as it will be easier to predict where the mines or the ancient forests will be. Temperature also plays a large role now.

New combat system: as you can see in the photo, there is a grid-based battlefield, and units actually get to move around as opposed to being able to magically attack the front row of the other army. Furthermore, units get initiative values for attacking, so you don’t have a CoE3 situation where a defending army could wipe out half of your attacking army in the first round, because defenders got first strike in CoE3. I think that this might be enough to make the game worth getting on its own, since the faulty combat system was probably the biggest issue I had with CoE3.

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