Bulb Boy


Release date: 29 October 2015
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Bulbware
Language: English

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Bulb Boy casts you as, charmingly but perhaps unsurprisingly, a young boy with a lightbulb for his head. He lives with his GrandParaffin and Mothdog in a large mansion in the countryside. This quiet, quaint life comes screeching to a halt, of course, as darkness descends over the house and household objects come to life and begin to perform various nefarious deeds. In contrast with the cutesy stylings of the main cast, the monster design looks brilliantly horrid – the house is inhabited with things from possessed stuffed toys and swarms of flesh eating moths to the gruesome, headless corpse of a chicken who is desperate to snuff out all sources of light. Each room of the house has its own puzzles and foes to overcome, and each floor also has its own boss.

The game takes elements of point and click adventure games, like collecting and using items to solve puzzles, and combines them with other features, such as getting stronger and unlocking new abilities. Maybe the most interesting aspect of gameplay involves removing the protagonist’s head – you can decapitate yourself to solve a number of puzzles.

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