Auto Dealership Tycoon


Release date: 23 October 2015
Genre: Simulation
Developer: LLC
Language: English

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Car Dealership Tycoon is a turn based strategy game. You own the dealership therefore you make the decisions. Every customer is unique; they want a different car for a different price. Negotiate with the customer, make them competitive offers. Keep parts stocked, hire and fire managers and employees, run advertisements, upgrade your dealership, check the news to see what’s hot! All in a day at the car dealership!

♦ Adjust your used car prices immediately after an auction.
♦ Hire good employees.
♦ If you have an influx in used cars, consider toggling to the Used Car Bias a few days before your next auction.
♦ When buying a new Dealer License, consider having enough cash to purchase additional cars as well.
♦ Consider raising the price on a HOT Car, customers will be looking for this car anyway.
♦ Sure there is still a chance they won’t buy it but it may be worth it with the influx in customers.

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