A Wolf in Autumn


Release date: October 2015
Genre: Adventure, horror
Developer: David Szymanski
Language: English

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A Wolf in Autumn, the newest creation of David Szymanski, who also created Fingerbones, The Music Machine and The Moon Silver, first tells you that it is to be finished in one sitting, with the lights down low and your headphones on. This has a number of implications on the game: Firstly, the game is short, secondly that story or narration plays a major part in the experience. Some people don’t like these games, but I enjoy them. They’re more like a short story than a novel, and sometimes it is better to be brief.

A Wolf in Autumn is definitely better because of its brevity. The game is story driven, and emotionally charged, and stretching either of those beyond their limits would only hurt the game. We all can name a dozen TV shows, game franchises, and movie franchises who have gone beyond their expiration date, made one too many seasons or one to many sequels. Can we truly say these poor descendants do not tarnish the quality of their predecessors? For the same reasons, would an extra hour of gameplay be worth staining an otherwise excellent story?

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