A Quiver of Crows


Release date: 2015
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Sheado.net
Language: English

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A Quiver of Crows is Sheado.net’s twin-stick shmup about crows who fight demons in order to restore peace in a land bewitched by a sinister darkness. During the journey, the crows obtain an arsenal of great magic to battle their foes. Some of the environmental elements can be used to your advantage in defeating the enemies.

Playable in single player or co-op multiplayer, A Quiver Of Crows blends side scrolling action with the free range motion of dual stick shooters to create an intense and unique shoot-em-up experience. In it’s shadowy world there’s a wide range of enemies with unique behaviour, that you can blast with a section of powerful upgradable weaponry.

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