Wave Of Darkness — Trainer +8


Author: MrAntiFun
Game version: v1.20
Number of functions: 8
Creation date: 13.10.2015

In this article you can download cheats for Wave Of Darkness. This trainer +8 has been created by MrAntiFun for game version 1.20. All cheats on our site you can download without registration, so this hack available for download free. With this trainer you will get the advantage in your game. But first, a bit of information about the game.

According to Dreamatrix the game will deliver around 70 hours of gameplay and a feature they’re keen to push is the fact that there are no loading screens whatsoever thanks to their “streaming engine”. Set in the world of Narr, players will traverse Danian’s Island and rid the land of malevolent Nekromant and Dark Magic cults. It’s a plot most ARPG players will be more than familiar with and the gameplay will focus on developing skills, crafting, building reputation, trade, interacting with NPCs, slashing stuff to pieces, and taking on quests. The game will also continue where Legends of Dawn concluded.



  • F1: Activate Trainer
  • F2: Inf.Health
  • F3: Inf.Faith
  • F4: Fast Kill
  • F5: Inf.Money
  • F6: Mega Exp
  • F7: Inf.Skill Points
  • F8: Inf.Attribute Points

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