The Age of Decadence — Trainer +12


Author: MrAntiFun
Game version: v1.00
Number of functions: 12
Creation date: 16.10.2015

In this article you can download cheats for The Age of Decadence. This trainer +12 has been created by MrAntiFun for game version 1.00. All cheats on our site you can download without registration, so this hack available for download free. With this trainer you will get the advantage in your game. But first, a bit of information about the game.

The Age of Decadence is a pseudo-isometric 3D turn-based role-playing video game. The reason to play Age of Decadence is singular: the writing. Singular in the sense that it’s very good, singular in the sense that it’s unique among fantasy RPGs, and singular in the sense that it’s pretty much the sole reason to play. he player can choose from eight backgrounds and professions for their character at the start of the game. These range from the honor-bound knight to the crafty grifter. The player can also choose to start with no background at all. Different backgrounds result in very different gameplay styles. A background determines a character’s initial relationship to various factions.



  • F1: Activate Trainer
  • F2: God Mode
  • F3: Fast Kill
  • F4: Inf.Action Points
  • F5: Inf.Combat Skill Points
  • F6: Inf.General Skill Points
  • F7: Inf.Civil Skill Points
  • F8: Inf.Items
  • F9: Inf.Weight
  • F10: Inf.Gold
  • F11: Edit Item Id
  • F12: Edit Item Quantity

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