Party Hard — Trainer +4

Party Hard

Author: MrAntiFun
Game version: 1.1.1
Number of functions: 4
Creation date: 04.02.2016

In this article you can download Party Hard cheats. This trainer +4 has been created by MrAntiFun for game version 1.1.1. All cheats on our site you can download without registration, so this hack available for download free. With this trainer you will get the advantage in your game. But first, a bit of information about the game.

Party Hard is strategy stealth murder simulator from Pinokl Games. You play as the Party Hard killer, a man driven to kill people at parties because… they’re too loud. Obviously, the plot isn’t the best part here — the gameplay is, and it’s best to not dwell on it. You’re an angry sociopath in a mask with a knife and with one mission in life: get your knife on. Gameplay is pretty simple: kill everyone at the party and don’t get caught. You can do this via traps, events, or your trusty knife. If you’re seen or suspected of committing a murder, the police will be called, and you’ll have to run away until you escape or use an escape route, though if you use one a workman who looks suspiciously like Mario will come and board it up.

Party Hard cheats


  • F1: Active Trainer
  • F2: Invisible
  • F3: Stun Everyone
  • F4: Infinite Stamina

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