Beyond Earth — Rising Tide — Trainer +10


Author: MrAntiFun
Game version: v.1.0.1043
Number of functions: 10
Creation date: 10.10.2015

In this article you can download cheats for Beyond Earth — Rising Tide. This trainer +10 has been created by MrAntiFun for game version 1.0.1043. All cheats on our site you can download without registration, so this hack available for download free. With this trainer you will get the advantage in your game. But first, a bit of information about the game.

Rising Tide is a well-crafted expansion with some great ideas: the new diplomacy system is a marvel of strategy game design, and artifacts and hybrid affinities serve to reinvigorate the late game with new bonuses and tactics. As in Beyond Earth, Rising Tide puts you in the throne—or council chamber, depending on the leader you choose to be—as you guide your civilization to victory on alien planets in the distant future. The chariots and compound bows of human history are absent. This is a world of exo suits, plasma weapons, and sterile, bulbous architecture. There’s a sense of otherworldliness here that earlier Civilizations don’t contain.



  • F1 — Active Trainer
  • F2 — Inf. Energy
  • F3 — Inf. Strategic Resourses
  • F4 — God Mode
  • F5 — Inf. Movement
  • F6 — Inf. Attacks
  • F7 — Fast Productions
  • F8 — Fast City Growth
  • F9 — Fast Culture Progress
  • F10 — Fast Research

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